Quick and Easy ‘Pause’ Exercises

A Lady Sitting on Chair Performing Hand Stretching Exercise in the Office

The  Neck and Shoulder Routine:

Always start your exercises with good posture…..so “sit up straight”:

Hold each position about 5 to 10 seconds.

1. Tip your head downwards and look towards the floor.

2. Turn to look to the right over your shoulder.

3. Look down on an angle towards your right armpit.

4. Turn to look to the left over you shoulder.

5. Look down on an angle towards your left armpit.

6. Support your neck with your hands and look up towards the ceiling.

7. Grasp both hands together and reach up to the ceiling making your body long.

8. Finish off with 10x shoulder rolls backwards.

The Back Routine:

Hold these positions a littler longer eg: 15 to 20 seconds.

1. While sitting bend forwards to reach the floor.

2. If your chair allows, place your hands on the back part of the chair and arch your back, backwards over the chair.

3. If your chair does not allow this, then stand, support your lower back with your hands and do a small arching backwards movement.

4. While sitting right back in the chair, twist gently to the right.

5. Twist gently to the left.

6. Hold the right leg of the chair with your right hand, and reach the left arm over the top in a side bending movement.

7. Hold the left leg of the chair with your left hand, and reach the right arm over the top in a side bending movement.

Always be cautious when stretching.  A stretch should provide a gentle pulling sensation.  Sometimes some pain may be experienced, especially if you are particularly tight, but never stretch to cause any more than mild discomfort.

Alternate between the neck and back routine during the day.  It should not take you very long and you will be well on your way towards injury prevention in the workplace or study area.

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