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Restoring Your Power through Rehabilitation!

Older patient being helped to walk through rehabilitation by a physiotherapist

Suffering from an injury can be detrimental to your overall health and mental wellbeing. Whether it’s a sports-related injury, a work-related injury, or simply an unfortunate accident – it can prove a real setback to your emotional and physical state. No one wants to feel like they’re not their true self. While injuries are often unavoidable, how you choose to respond is always within your power. Rehabilitation after injury is an essential part of getting a patient back to full health (or as close to it) and allowing them to get on with what they love doing in life. The team at Power Physiotherapy offers a range of rehabilitative physiotherapy services to return you to being your real, all-powerful self!

Why Rehab?

The body is a dynamic and regenerative structure that is extremely resilient to injury and very capable of self-healing without intervention. However, there are a number of ways to give your body a helping hand in the recovery process. Rehabilitative physiotherapy aims at restoring movement, improving balance, stimulating blood flow to affected damaged tissue, and strengthening structures surrounding the injury to give it the proper support needed.

Our physiotherapists can help you develop strength and movement with varieties of controlled resistance training that help to push the body to recover while also maintaining the control and stability that will prevent further injury.

Various types of remedial and deep tissue massage can assist in restoring balance and blood flow to the affected tissues, stimulating recovery in a way that would be impossible for someone engaging in a rehabilitative program by themselves.

Our experienced practitioners bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to rehabilitative practice. We design a program that allows you to continue the rehabilitative process outside of the clinic, on your own time. Programmes are tailored to client-specific needs and capabilities – with special attention being given to how a programme fits into the broader priorities and demands of a client’s (often busy) schedule.

How Your Physio Can Help You

If you suffer an injury that would benefit from rehabilitation, it is imperative to visit a physiotherapist sooner rather than later so that a proper assessment can be made of the nature and extent of your problem. Such an assessment will allow your physiotherapist to design a programme that takes into account the various demands of rehabilitation as they fit into the broader demands of your life as a whole.

Furthermore, working with a physiotherapist on your rehabilitation means that treatment, advice and support can be given at scheduled intervals throughout the rehabilitation process. As your body progresses and heals, motivation and adjustments can be given throughout your journey. Physiotherapy is a results-based practice and frequent contact with a physiotherapist means a dynamic approach to treatment can be maintained, optimising results as a client’s circumstances change.

Power Physiotherapy Can Offer Assistance

Injury rehabilitation is the primary purpose of physiotherapy for many of our patients. The team here at Power Physiotherapy brings a wealth of experience in dealing with client-specific injuries and providing tailor-made programmes to fit in with a client’s broader life goals. Not only that, but our team also know the personal side of rehabilitation and provide the moral support necessary to restore you to the best you can be.

Contact us today, and let us help you return to full health!